We provide Internet of Things (IoT) consulting and tailored solutions implementation allowing customers to gain competitive advantage and unleash their full business potential.


As a provider of software solutions with 10+ years of experience and Internet of Things experts with numerous projects launched, we offer IoT and industrial IoT consulting services that help our customers transform the IoT, Cloud and Big Data buzzwords into an added value for their businesses.

Together, we discuss the potential return on investment (RoI) and competitive advantages an IoT-based solution could bring to the company. We review how the current business models would be affected and the potential for new products and services. We walk through the different phases of the adoption process, we talk about the risks and strategies for mitigating them.

Our consulting services are pragmatic and focused around client’s specific needs. As result our clients receive deep knowledge how IoT can shape their future both business and technology-wise. They also get a financial estimate, cost–benefit analysis, risk analysis, change management plan and even a marketing strategy for the new product and/or services.

We are flexible and provide a wide range of consulting formats: from online sessions to on-site trainings and workshops, worldwide.


In order to succeed, every project needs to be carefully planned. IoT-based projects are not an exception from this rule. Good planning can significantly reduce the risks and costs during the IoT technology adoption process.

To help customers with pursuing a minimum-risk adoption period, we use the “Lean startup” principles for minimum viable product (MVP) or service. Together with the client we make a “lean” roadmap comprised of small steps, with duration of 2 to 4 weeks, if possible. Each step in this roadmap, when completed, is meant to add business value to the product or service which is immediately validated with the end users. Thus, wrong assumptions can be caught and appropriate changes made before spending more money and time in the wrong direction.


We provide software development services for IoT-based solutions and may also assist if custom hardware development is needed.

The implementation phase begins with making wireframes for the solution, setting up a dedicated team and infrastructure. We use agile methodologies for software development, in accordance with the “lean” planning methodology.

Technology-wise we have experience in a variety of technologies including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, NoSqL databases, web based applications (front and backend), TouchGFX, software for embedded devices, .NET – ASP, Core, C#, C/C++, JavaScript/NodeJS, Ruby/Rails, PHP, Java ME, Arduino, BeagleBone, TI, ESP8266, ESP32 and many others.


No matter how good the intentions are, a project could fail if its goal and benefits are not communicated properly inside and outside the organization. Moreover, a project that includes adoption of IoT technologies and changing the business models comes with more risks and requires change management in place, as well as a more detailed communication strategy.

We provide consulting services aiming to help our clients build a messaging framework for better communication with the C-level managers and the potential users of the new products or services.