We are glad to share with you that our IndigoVerge team has recently been joined by two new team members – Rosen and Alexander. Welcome guys!

Over the past couple of months of social distancing, we have replaced our office space with our homes. But, we continued our daily work routine, providing software development services to our customers with the same high quality and within the deadlines agreed. Thanks to digital technologies which allowed us to keep ourselves and our families healthy, we could also finalize the process of onboarding two new colleagues in our team! Lets us virtually introduce you to the new valued members of our team:

Rosen has stepped in on the position of Senior web developer. He holds a Master’s degree in Communication Engineering and Technology from the Technical University of Sofia and has more than 20 years (wow!) of experience in the Software Development field. He impressed us with his expert knowledge and his interest in diverse spheres of programming.

In addition to playing a key role in the software architecture and development of key company projects, Rosen will join our team of mentors, advising junior colleagues and passing on some of his passion for the profession to them. Rosen will be an important part of our young talents onboarding program and will contribute to our mission to support enthusiastic young people who are just starting their software development careers.

Alexander’s first day in IndigoVerge coincided with the first day we resumed work at the office. So, we were happy to welcome him in person 🙂 Alexander is taking the position of Web Designer at IndigoVerge. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the New Bulgarian University.

Alexander impressed us with his UI/UX designer skills and his vision for our ONDO Smart Farming product user interface. He will be playing a key role in ONDO project since one of ONDO’s major advantages over other competitive products is the easy to use, intuitive user interface. Moreover, since we are actively working with farmers on site, taking their feedback and recommendations for improvement and reflecting that in the product, Alexander will also frequently join the team.. right on the fields! Not the usual graphic designer’s working environment, isn’t it 🙂

Welcome aboard guys, and we are glad we managed to find each other in these challenging times. To many successful years ahead, to growing, supporting each other and having fun together!