Last week the CEO of IndigoVerge Ilia Iordanov and ONDO CPO Ivaylo Enev attended the International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA 2020 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. AGRA has established itself as the biggest economic event for agribusiness in Southeast Europe, with more than 40 000 international visitors. The exhibition is preferred by farmers because of the opportunity to get informed about new products and services, to purchase equipment and inventory and exchange ideas and experience.

This aim of this visit was to introduce to farmers visiting the event the benefits of using IndigoVerge-developed ONDO solution – a unique and one of a kind software platform for climate control, precision irrigation and nutrition system for all crops. Of course, it was also essential to get informed about new products and services offered in the agricultural sector and spot eventual competitors or partners for ONDO.

Ilia and Ivaylo had meetings with farmers from the region who cultivate open land crops, vineyards, roses, orchards, greenhouses and more. During those meetups, the farmers commented that they have long awaited the emergence of a complete smart solution for their open and closed arable land. They were quite enthusiastic from the idea that Ondo would allow them to increase their yields with up to 40% and significantly reduce their water and energy expenses, as well as losses resulting from human error.

The agricultural sector in the region is increasingly aware of the need to optimize processes and to efficiently utilize digital technologies to maximize profits. ONDO consists of compact hardware, integrated software modules and is extremely user-friendly. It handles the management, monitoring and control of the plant growing process at any time of the day. In addition, thanks to its web-based technology, the farmer can manage the controller from any device, anytime and anywhere. Not to be underestimated is the affordable price of ONDO, as well as the option for phased implementation.

If you are a farmer and looking to grow and improve your business by using professional software, created by farmers for farmers, ONDO is the right solution for you. Find out more and contact us at or at