For less than 5 months, thanks to assigning a dedicated software development team, we managed to deliver for Ondo a functional prototype of their controller. The Ondo controller is a significant part of the solution Ondo provides for climate control for greenhouses, precise irrigation and nutrition systems for vegetables, orchards, vineyards, corn and others.

Having in mind the complexity of the solution and the limited time frame we have, this is a crucial first step for Ondo. Together with the IndigoVerge team, will continue the active development and improvement of the Ondo solution” –  Mr. Ivaylo Enev, Product Manager @Ondo.

As a technology partner, IndigoVerge is responsible for the design, assembly and development of the software for Ondo controller. The controller is based on Schneider Electric industrial PLC and CompuLab fitlet2 industrial PC (IndigoVerge is an official partner of Schneider Electric). Besides the hardware selection and assembly, IndigoVerge also implemented the PLC application, the back-end services and the web-based user interface.

Thanks to Ondo solution, the customers can reduce water consumption with up to 85%, energy resources (electrical, diesel) with up to 50%, fertilizers with up to 40%, to limit possible human errors with up to 60% and Increase the average production by up to 50%, depending on the crop type.

We believe that the success of our customers is our success too!

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