IndigoVerge opened their new office with a rock party

IndigoVerge opened their new office with a rock party

The rapidly growing software studio, IndigoVerge, launched their new modern office with a rock party, which gathered together friends and partners.
The event took place on the 28th of February at the rooftop of Hotel “Anel”, above the hotel business center, where the company moved its office. Over 100 guests enjoyed the Grand Opening: partners, clients, current and former employees, friends and family. The social event was accompanied by variety of food and drinks. The pleasant atmosphere of the party was brought by the live band “Lunapark”, playing rock classics.

IndigoVerge’s new office is a combination between modern design and family coziness. The working environment is designed in open-space style to stimulate the live contact between the team and to make their communication easier. Every member of the IndigoVerge team is free to add something of his own to the office interior – plants, hobby related items, books and so on. Everyone is walking around the office with their own pair of slippers just like at home. Can you imagine an office environment more comfortable?

Besides the open-space office room, the design also has distinct a so-called “creative spot” or “space corner” with an original spaceship-like interior, which is ideal for rest.
In addition,there is also a large relax room, suitable for lunch gatherings and various social events. The sofas and pillows installed there, are perfectly in-line with the overall feeling of family coziness in the office.

IndigoVerge’s creative spot – the perfect space to re-charge

What a nice place for relax! P.S. Technical geeks will get the message written in the cup on the left!

And that’s not all – a Spa & Fitness center is at full disposal of IndigoVerge every day. Afterall the health and well-being of the employees is what makes them productive. The office has also a great location right at the center of Sofia.

To the right of the main entrance there is an elegant conference room, furnished in a rich colorful palette, making the company meetings more inspiring.

What’s a new beginning without a proper celebration? IndigoVerge has a lot to celebrate!

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