Two of IndigoVerge senior experts – Ilia Iordanov and Martin Mihaylov – have passed a 5-day training in SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture in the office of ЕТМ Professional Control in Eisenstadt, Austria.

The company ЕТМ Professional Control is 100%-owned by Siemens and is assigned to the business unit Digital Factory – Factory Automation – Automation Systems (DF FA AS).

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture is an object-oriented SCADA system that allows to build industrial automation solutions tailored to specific customer’s needs. It has been two years since IndigoVerge and ЕТМ Professional Control have been working together on the development of a product aimed at the management of connected products and factories as part of Industry 4.0.

„Thanks to passing this training, IndigoVerge now has the expertise to create SCADA-specific applications, which are directly connected to the manufacturing processes” – said Martin Mihaylov.

“This is yet another step towards the expansion of our successful partnership with ЕТМ Professional Control, which is aimed at creating a complete infrastructure for remote and centralized management of SCADA applications, that work together with the platform for management and support, which we’ve been developing with ЕТМ Professional Control throughout the recent two years. This will help speed up the digital transformation and will make the process faster and more effective” – added Ilia Iordanov.