We are glad to announce that IndigoVerge is now a member of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA).

The Bulgarian Industrial Association – Union of the Bulgarian Business (BIA) is a non-governmental organization, founded on April 25, 1980. Throughout its 40+ years of history, BIA has been actively participating in the system of social dialogue at national and international level, where it defends the interests of the Bulgarian business in changing the regulatory framework and administrative practices.

BIA participates in the work of the bodies for social partnership, incl. in 18 national advisory councils, the Economic and Social Council of the Republic of Bulgaria, the supervisory and governing bodies, working groups and committees of ministries and other institutions. The Chamber is the only Bulgarian business organization, a member of BUSINESSEUROPE – a confederation-type European business organization through which it represents the interests of Bulgarian companies and employers at European level.

Thanks to this membership, IndigoVerge will be able to get answers to questions related to the software development services it provides, will have access to BIA analyses, studies and expert assessments in the field of industrial, tax and social policy. IndigoVerge will have the opportunity to participate in the development and improvement of the regulatory framework through the centers of BIA in a number of thematic areas, as well as to participate in business forums organized by BIA, business visits and in international exhibitions.

We trust that through this membership we will also support BIA in its mission to create conditions for accelerated and sustainable business growth, to promote entrepreneurship and encourage the preservation and development of the Bulgarian production.