We are glad to announce that IndigoVerge has started a substantial investment in an upgrade on the expertise of their entire team, thanks to winning funding for their project “Program for overall development and improvement of the personnel expertise in IndigoVerge Ltd. by organizing company-specific training”. The funding has been won under Operational Programme „Human Resources Development” 2014-2020. The total amount of the project is EUR 23 000 and it covers trainings like project management, soft skills, problem solving and multiple tech topics.

Over a period of 14 months IndigoVerge will involve its employees in a number of job-specific trainings. The objective of those is to increase the competence and qualification of the teams, and thus their productivity and efficiency as a requirement for a sustainable and quality employment process. The project also supports the company’s mission to invest in young professionals, providing them with training, mentorship and support while gradually involving them in real-world project tasks and responsibilities.

One of the biggest challenges for IndigoVerge is the wide variety of client profiles, projects and technologies used. This leads to a need for great flexibility and diverse skills for each single team member.  “The deficit of skilled IT professionals requires companies to create them themselves, by identifying talented, motivated young people and providing them with training opportunities,” said CEO Ilia Iordanov. “This project is a step in exactly that direction. It includes not only the specialized training required for IT professionals, but also training related to soft skills improvement, strategic thinking, teamwork, leadership, time and resources management.”

The project will also support the long-term goal of expanding the company, through enlarging and further qualifying its team, increasing its market share by entering new markets and attracting potential customers on those. Building and retaining a well-trained and motivated team is undoubtedly the first and most important step in this direction.

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