We are happy to announce that IndigoVerge has passed the Innovation Capacity Assessment of IMP3rove Academy. We are now proud owners of a certificate acknowledging this assessment that complies with the European Innovation Management Standards CEN / TS 16 555-1 and CWA 15899.

The “Innovative Capacity Assessment” service is provided by experts of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is suitable for enterprises with a minimum record of innovative activities of three years and number of employees between 10 and 1000. IMP3rove is a method that thoroughly studies the company’s innovation strategy and vision, its innovation culture, innovation lifecycle and key factors for better management. The method was developed by A.T. Kearney and the European Commission to help increase the innovation potential of EU businesses as well as their knowledge of managing innovation-related processes.

Currently, 160+ Bulgarian companies have passed the assessment, and globally the number of innovative companies registered in the IMP3rove database exceeds 7200.

This assessment, in addition to confirming our innovation capacity, will also help us to improve the quality of the software development services we deliver. Thanks to the assessment received we:

  • Gained useful know-how on how innovation management affects the competitiveness of the company;
  • Compared ourselves to leading companies on a global scale;
  • Identified our strengths and weaknesses in innovation management;
  • Received specific recommendations on how to increase the company’s innovation capacity;

We are confident that the know-how gained and recommendations received throughout this certification process would set a strong foundation for improved innovation practices at IndigoVerge.