We are glad to announce that IndigoVerge is already an authorized distributor of Compulab industrial computers. You can order the entire range of Compulab products from our IndigoVerge Shop.

Being a software development company, it may sound awkward to many that we have put up an online shop selling hardware. But if you are following our blog posts and aware of the recent developments around our company, you may already well have the answer 🙂

Throughout the past 6 months we have actively focused our efforts on developing the smart agriculture solution ONDO – a unique system for automated drip irrigation management and control, precise plant nutrition and climate control for various crops. ONDO is an all-in-one solution – you get both the software and hardware required to automated and monitor all processes on your farm.

While we have the full expertise needed to develop the software behind ONDO automation processes, we are not hardware experts ourselves and were aiming at entrusting the hardware part with a strong hardware development expert.

But, finding the appropriate industrial level of computer hardware had not been easy. We had high expectations towards the reliability of the hardware, its performance in a wide temperature range, the durability, size and other parameters. After weeks of hectic search and comparison of available hardware options, right at the start of ONDO product development, we seemed to have found the perfect fit for our needs – the industrial computers and components for them offered by CompuLab.

Three months later, after numerous performance tests and active usage of their products for our pilot projects, we were glad to say Compulab met all our expectations! The high quality of their product line and smooth communication with their team grew into a successful partnership, allowing us to order more hardware systems and components for them in an efficient manner. The expertise and experience we built up throughout this period of using Compulab products, and our confidence that their product range can respond to the needs of many, resulted in the idea to become an authorized distributor for Compulab industrial pcs.

We truly hope that, by spreading the word and supporting the distribution of Compulab products, we can help many other companies in the Industrial Automation domain to find the hardware they need and save them time and resources.

If you are looking for an industrial pc – check out Compulab products in IndigoVerge shop. And if you need consultancy or advice regarding using any of those – just drop us a line.