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Follow us on social media

smFollowing our recent rebranding, we now have brand new social media channels. If you are interested in IndigoVerge news, case studies and marketing tips – follow us:

Follow @indigoverge | Like us on Facebook | Follow the company page on LinkedIn

Just a heads up on the loads of interesting content you may expect to see shared from our social media accounts:

  • Company news – like the birth of our brand new company website (coming very soon!), new customer projects, team expansion and others
  • New blog posts: on lessons learnt from our experience, online marketing tips (IndigoVerge has online marketing in its portfolio of services offered), important company announcements we want to cover in more detail
  • Successful customer stories
  • Team updates and photos from our events
  • Industry or other related news that we find worth shouting out

And if you want to reach us with a question or comment – social media is an excellent option, so go on!

Lots of interesting content is coming over – stay tuned!

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