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5 Google Analytics features you should pay attention to

Google Analytics is for sure the most widely used website statistics tool. Since it first rolled out in November 2005, the platform has undergone some spectacular changes so it could offer you the most targeted data about your users and their interaction with your website/app. And since it’s such a big tool, loaded with lots […]

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Infographics – a new communication tool in digital era

Today’s digital age has made the sharing of information (and personal opinion) as easy as falling off a log. The users are literally suffering from information overload and rarely have the time and patience to read a blog post or an article from start to end. So, how do we catch the users’ attention when […]

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7 reasons why email marketing is important

Email marketingI’ve often heard customers say that they are not willing to enable subscription for and send email newsletters. The reason? Email marketing is ‘not working’ anymore.

I would have to disagree with this though, seeing a really good effect from the newsletters we’ve been sending on […]

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