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Jun 62014

7 reasons why email marketing is important

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Email marketingI’ve often heard customers say that they are not willing to enable subscription for and send email newsletters. The reason? Email marketing is ‘not working’ anymore.

I would have to disagree with this though, seeing a really good effect from the newsletters we’ve been sending on IndigoVerge own projects. Here are my top 7 reasons for maintaining a regular email newsletter:


Jun 52014

10 trending social media channels you need to be active at, part 3

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We looked at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and StumbleUpon in the previous 2 parts of this post. Here are the next 5 social media channels in my top 10 list.

6. Google+

1_google.plus_Google+ Pages allow organizations and companies to connect with their fans. It’s pretty similar to Facebook fan pages.

Appropriate for:

Brands, media companies, B2B networking.


Jun 22014

10 trending social media channels you need to be active at, part 2

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In part 1 I’ve covered Facebook and Twitter as the top 2 social media channels you need to be active at. In this blog post I’ll review LinkedIn, Pinterest and StumbleUpon.

3. LinkedIn

linkedin_smLinkedIn is the leading online professional directory of individuals and companies and the content posted here is more business-oriented. The main reason behind creating a business page on LinkedIn is to attract leads and build networking relationships.


May 282014

10 trending social media channels you need to be active at, part 1

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Social media has been a powerful arena for online marketing in the past few years. But since there are so many social networks available on the web, it’s essential to figure out which of these are the perfect fit for your business. In a series of posts (part 1 here, part 2, part 3) I’ll be doing a brief overview on the 10 most efficient social networks nowadays. And you can pick the ones […]

May 262014

Lessons learnt: selling digital content

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selling_virtual_contentIn the history of our company we have already launched several own projects. The great thing about owning a project is – you can try literally any idea that occurs to you, be it related to product development, marketing, sales, etc and see if it works or not.

This is what happened with an idea we had with SilverlightShow – to provide ebook versions of the articles on the website. These are unique articles (residing only on SilverlightShow), authored by MVPs mostly and very often discussing […]

May 232014

10 reasons why your brand needs social media presence, part 2

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In part 1 of this post I listed 5 reasons for setting up social media presence for your brand. Here are 5 more:

why_using_social_media_p26. Branding with social media helps create your identity and build reputation.

With every message you post on your profile pages, you build an image and vision for your company. Plan your social media content carefully so it consistently carries the same tone and message. Also, make sure that the design and information provided in your SM profiles is consistent with your website.


May 212014

10 reasons why your brand needs social media presence, part 1

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why_using_social_mediaEverybody uses social media nowadays, so my company has to be there, too!” If that’s the reason why you start building social media presence for your brand – you might get “socially” lost very soon! Knowing the benefits you might get from social media will help you plan your strategy and content in advance.

So, before creating a company profile in Facebook, or Twitter, or LinkedIN, or any other social media network – here are my top 10 reasons for using social media:


May 162014

We’ve rebranded! CompletIT is now IndigoVerge!

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Dear clients, partners and supporters!

cropped-indigoVerge-logo-large.pngMy name is Ilia Iordanov and I am the co-CEO of CompletIT. With this post I want to announce something special: As of this week, IndigoVerge is the new name of our software development company CompletIT.

As you may know, until recently CompletIT has been focused on outsourced software solutions. Part of them were related to Microsoft Silverlight technology, considering our expertise and support for this technology.