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Nov 252014

Equipment manufacturers, IoT and business models comparison

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In my blog post “Why changes in business models are vital for the adoption of new technologies” I tried to explain how IoT solutions change the communication and give the opportunity to the equipment manufacturers (OEM) to take the place of the pro-active party instead of the customer in case of a potential incident or accident. And on a conceptual level this is still and will be valid.


Oct 292014

How to become a Google AdWords certified professional and why

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This month Google celebrates 14 years since the official launch of their own online advertising service known as Google AdWords. For that time, Google AdWords has become a favorite tool for many advertisers who’ve been running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns for their products and services.

So if your aim is to brand yourself as a PPC expert, you should definitely consider taking the Google AdWords certification exam. I passed the exam a few months ago (after postponing it for more than a year, shame on me!) and I’m very glad that I did it. What was my motivation and […]

Oct 172014

Infographics – a new communication tool in digital era

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Today’s digital age has made the sharing of information (and personal opinion) as easy as falling off a log. The users are literally suffering from information overload and rarely have the time and patience to read a blog post or an article from start to end. So, how do we catch the users’ attention when publishing content? An efficient and recently becoming very popular option is the use of infographics. Let me share in this blog post some facts and my experience with infographics.


Sep 252014

Join my Internet of Things session at the International Fair Plovdiv, Sept 30th

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If you’ve been following my previous blog posts, you know that over the past two years I’ve been working in the field of IoT (Internet of Things) with IndigoVerge own project HutGrip ( And I’m glad that on September 30th I’ll have the chance to share my impressions and experience in this industry at the International Fair in Plovdiv.

International Fair Plovdiv is holding its 70th tech edition on Sept 30th. This is one of the most appreciated business forums for investment goods and technologies in Southeastern Europe and a very old […]

Sep 242014

5 must-have Twitter tools

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Being the Marketing Executive at IndigoVerge, I am responsible for the administration of multiple Twitter accounts. Still, I’ve managed to optimize my tweeting environment so posting and monitoring tweets is quick and efficient, and I wanted to share with you 5 tweeting tools I wouldn’t make it without.


Sep 182014

Webit Istanbul – let's meet!

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The beginning of October I will be representing IndigoVerge at a pretty interesting Digital marketing and Innovation Conference – the Webit Congress in Istanbul, Oct 1-2, 2014.

I’ve seen on social media that the event has almost sold out and no wonder – there’s a bunch of pretty good speakers I’m looking forward to see. My key area of interest right now, being the Marketing Manager at IndigoVerge, is the digital marketing sessions, but, being a founder at the startup employee engagement platform Deed I am also keen to join the […]

Aug 252014

Electric cars – pros & cons

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I’m a huge fan of Tesla and electric vehicles (EV) in general, but my friends often ask me why someone would buy an electric car. I’ve always thought it’s obvious, but they wouldn’t be asking me if it was so. That’s why I decided to put all pros and cons in a short blog post.

Before we start it’s important to mention that EVs aren’t a new concept at all. Actually the first vehicles were built in the 19th century by people like Thomas Davenport (1835) and Robert Davidson (1838). So what we have here is an […]

Aug 132014

5 things you should be looking for in a technology partner

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If you are running a business that is looking for a technology partner, then you are probably wondering how to pick the right one, how to ensure your choice is right and will not jeopardize your business.

Usually you are faced with these two options:

  • choose from a list of companies you were recommended (by a friend, someone from your network, etc.)
  • search for a partner (web search, ads, freelance platforms, etc.)

In both cases what matters most to you is the attitude of the company: do they deliver on time, are they honest and responsible, could they fit your business needs, are they […]

Jul 152014

Email Marketing Software – Constant Contact vs. MailChimp

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My colleague Svetla recently gave her 7 reasons why email marketing is important for growing your business and hopefully you got really determined to start sending newsletters, if you haven’t done this so far. But, which email marketing software should you use?

In this post, I’ll share my experience with two of the most popular email marketing tools: MailChimp & Constant Contact.