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Marketing Manager at IndigoVerge.

Infographics – a new communication tool in digital era

Today’s digital age has made the sharing of information (and personal opinion) as easy as falling off a log. The users are literally suffering from information overload and rarely have the time and patience to read a blog post or an article from start to end. So, how do we catch the users’ attention when […]

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5 must-have Twitter tools

Being the Marketing Executive at IndigoVerge, I am responsible for the administration of multiple Twitter accounts. Still, I’ve managed to optimize my tweeting environment so posting and monitoring tweets is quick and efficient, and I wanted to share with you 5 tweeting tools I wouldn’t make it without.


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Why boost the team adrenaline?

If you are following our corporate blog, you are probably expecting another social media marketing blog post from me. Well – this time, I want to share some thoughts on another topic – team events. In particular, why I like the adrenaline team events and will keep organizing them.

I’ve never been an HR person […]

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