We use the best software development practices in everything we do

Our Principles

Keep regular and open communication

Тhe key to every successful partnership is good communication. Clear messages, open dialogue, prompt replies and constructive feedback are the ingredients for reaching common goals.

Dive deeply into the project

We carefully examine all project details from both technical and business perspectives. Having a complete picture allows us to draft the best implementation proposal.

Apply best development practices

The essence of our work is to create and apply the best software development practices in the fast-moving technology field. We constantly learn from experience – our own and that of our partners and competitors.

Follow proactive approach

We believe in creating our own opportunities instead of waiting for a call to fix something. Our clients benefit from this proactive approach to resolving issues and receive real, worthwhile and pragmatic solutions.

Deliver high quality, on time

We follow Agile principles to manage our work. We prefer shorter phases in the development cycle and constant release of high-quality, incremental improvements.

Our Software Development Workflow

1. Requirements gathering

2. Implementation

3. Delivery & support

Engagement Models

Dedicated (Extended) Team

IndigoVerge dedicates a selected team of developers to the project. The client has full management control over tasks and priorities, while we facilitate the process and support the developers involved.

Engaging a dedicated software development team has become the most popular model for working with our long-term partners for several reasons. It is cost-effective, hassle-free and gives just the right amount of control to all parties involved. Indigo’s size, experience and expertise in various software development technologies allows flexibility with building the best team matching the client and the project. We are also able to expand existing teams relatively quickly. Read more >


The payment is tied to the actual number of hours spent, at agreed hourly rates.

This engagement model guarantees that the price and resulting service will match, since the client receives regular reports of how every man hour was spent on the project. While this provides a lot of transparency, it can at times be a hassle and a bit more difficult to manage. Many of our long-term partners prefer the time-and-materials for small-scale and support projects, or when the full scope of the project is not clear yet. In this model mutual trust, understanding and acting in good faith are a must.

Fixed Price

With this work model the vendor and the client agree on a fixed scope, timeline and budget.

Our experience shows that most fixed-price projects at some point become a tug of war with unforeseen, but necessary changes beyond the specifications on one side, and tight deadlines, limited budget and ambiguous responsibility behind the changes, on the other. Still, Indigo’s battle-hardened teams are experienced enough to handle and mitigate the risk for most situations. A lot of our new clients assign us fixed price projects to evaluate our ability and attitude, which we are more than happy to embrace, the result being mutually beneficial long-term partnerships.

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