Photo credit: Krasena Angelova

My name is Milena – an HR in the software company IndigoVerge. It’s funny, if you asked me a year ago, I wouldn’t have introduced myself like that, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what programmers do or what it’s like to work in the IT field. I wouldn’t have learned new things every day and I probably wouldn’t have been so happy. Because as an HR I know that in order to call yourself a happy person, you have to love your job and to feel comfortable among your colleagues and peers. I was lucky to find myself among wonderful people who happen to love programming.

Let me start with a little professional background. I have never worked with developers before and most of my experiential comfort zone was in the humanitarian field. Hence, a year ago when discussing with professional peers what to expect, I received advice not to pay attention to the programmers indifferent attitude and introverted behavior.

Well, it’s been more than a year now and I haven’t yet seen any of this ‘typical programmer behavior’ in IndigoVerge (yet! :). But I can happily share other behavior and ‘specifics’ I have observed, which may seem surprising to you if you have never worked with a programmer and only heard the rumors and legends surrounding them.

  • Programmers are really fun

Some time ago I shared funny memes only with my friends, and now I share and receive such with my colleagues, which significantly increases the number of smiles per day 🙂 In our joint chat (that keeps being active even during the weekend!) there is always a fresh dose of humor, and laughter out loud from the office, leads to a domino effect. Our conversations are always open, away from the formal corporate lingo, which helps us in stressful situations to focus on finding the best possible solution.

  • They like team sports

Programmers do not only go to the gym. When they are in the right team, they like to be part of it, support each other, come up with strategies, help less experienced teammates, initiate future competitions to improve their technique, give ideas and are always ready to try something new. It’s a lot like the way they work together on a project.

  • They know that sometimes they speak incomprehensibly

Incomprehensible to people like me, for example. It happens because I get a lot of technological information my way that I cannot absorb. Often, however, I don’t even need to ask for additional details (I assume that my confused look speaks for itself, of course) and they simplify the data, give me examples close to me and really try to be understood. Probably here is the place to apologize for all the repetitive questions I have asked and will continue to ask 🙂

  • They appreciate the work of others

They respect the work of other specialists in the company – our designer, marketing specialist, QA, business analyst, product owner, as well as my own. I think, like everyone else in IndigoVerge, they realize that each of us is a part of the whole, and to be successful, we need every gear of this, well-oiled machine to work harmoniously.

  • They are never late

And I mean never! If I arrange a meeting at a specific time, everyone will show up from different directions, at the exact time of the appointment. I really don’t know how they do it. If I expected them to arrive earlier than agreed, I consider it my fault.

  • They like to talk

And I like to listen 🙂 I’m glad that they realize the importance of sharing how they feel, expressing their opinions, giving ideas freely and looking for the right solution together. I am proud that my company has a favorable environment for sharing and open communication is encouraged.

  • They take off their headphones when I’m with them

For people in the IT field, it may not be surprising, but to make it clear to others – programmers almost always wear headphones. It’s not an option to just go to them and tell them something or announce it from my desk. When they see me heading towards their desk, they take off their headphones and are ready to listen to me. You will probably suggest reaching out to them online, but I enjoy talking to them. And no, I am not going to put the last in a separate bullet point – I don’t even want to think that anyone would be surprised that talking to a developer is nice.

My last year can be summarized in one word – happy. Because for a psychologist there is nothing more interesting than people that are colorful.

If you do not want to be labelled, if you want to be able to express your opinion freely, if you want to grow professionally in a friendly atmosphere and if you love your job, you are welcome to join us. You can see our vacancies here.