Are you looking for new ways to spark your Facebook fans’ interest and bring some charisma to your company page? I’ve summarized in this post 9 tips/good practices that I am using on my job as an online marketing specialist.

1) Update your cover image every once in a while

You know what people say – there’s no second chance for a first impression. And the cover image is among the first things a user visiting your company Facebook page will see. So – make sure the cover image is up-to-date and conveys the appropriate message to your user. Update it to reflect new product releases, an active marketing campaign, upcoming events, holidays and others. Check out these 25 awesome examples of creative ways to use cover photo.

2) Create Milestones

The option to create “milestones” is a relatively new feature that came with the latest Facebook Timeline changes. In short – brands can create milestones (incorporating pictures and text) for various significant events in their histories like the launch of a new product or the reaching of a certain number of Facebook fans. If you wonder how to add milestones, take a look at this quick Facebook guide. And here’s an example of a milestone by the famous Starbucks coffee shops:

Facebook milestones example: Starbucks

3) Spread the word on your social responsibility activities

If you are a socially responsible company, make sure you spread the word out. Practicing green office activities? Have a well-being program for your employees? Joining volunteer programs and collaborating with NPOs? If yes, you should share all these with your fans, such contents have the potential to spread out virally.

4) Run a creative contest

Running a Facebook contest can be a great way to engage your fans, receive more likes for your page or achieve another goal that’s important for your business (like generate email signups for example). Launching a Facebook contest may require some design and programming help or, if you’d rather go for something more resource-efficient, check out these 30 Facebook timeline contest ideas.

5) Post jokes and fun related to your niche of work

Of course, every business wants to share on Facebook content that is somehow related to the products or services they offer. But, if you are too promotional and pushy, chances are that your fans will start ignoring your posts. A good way to loosen the tie a bit is by occasionally posting jokes or funny pics/videos that are somehow related to your business. For example, our company IndigoVerge is providing IT solutions so we sometimes post IT jokes like the one below 🙂

Fun for Facebook

6) Ask questions

Wondering how to make your page interactive and conversational? One of the best ways to do this is by asking questions. Get your fans talking; many of them would love to share their opinion about your products/services, but won’t do that unless you invite them. On one hand – you’ll engage your fans, on the other – you can use their answers as a starting point for your own brainstorming. Win – win!

7) Post pictures / live updates from events your company attends

In our company we have a ‘tradition’ to promote the events we’ll be attending. We release a Facebook post prior to the event (who, where, what), so people who don’t know about it can still join and those attending can know that we have representative(s) there who they can reach for a chat. And, on the very day of the event, we post pictures accompanied by live updates and curious insights from the sessions/meetings we are joining. This is a good way to encourage your fans to communicate with you not only through the social network but in person, too.

8) Make branded graphics with inspirational quotes

The inspiration thoughts have been very popular lately in Facebook, so it’s very likely that you are already posting such. But to get the maximum of them, make sure you’re posting the thoughts/quotes as graphics branded with your corporate logo, colors and design patterns.

9) Celebrate the holidays with your fans

You should take every opportunity to connect with your audience and greeting them for a certain holiday is a nice way to do it. It doesn’t make a big effort to post a holiday-related picture and a wish, no? Yet, this simple act of kindness will surely get your fans’ benevolence – people are always in a great, “likes-giving” mood around holidays. HINT: Christmas is coming, use that wisely :))

Hope these tips will help you add a little more oomph to your Facebook fan pages. And what about you? Do you have a favorite trick from the above list? Or maybe you have some other “spicy” idea for engaging and catchy Facebook content? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!