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IndigoVerge CEO Ivan Dragoev performed a 6-day training in Schneider Electric

Our partners from Schneider Electric trusted us to lead an internal training on Programming Basics for them, based on our experience in developing Software Solutions for the industrial field. Being a successful speaker and lecturer at various IT events, our CEO Ivan Dragoev organized and conducted a complete 6-day training for Schneider employees at their […]

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IndigoVerge is the first company in Bulgaria, certified in Siemens WinCC Open Architecture

IndigoVerge is now a proud Certified Solution Partner of ETM Professional Control GmbH. It has been 2 years since we started working with the leading Austrian company in the field of Industrial Automation. The next step of this successful collaboration was the official partnership. SIMATIC Siemens WinCC […]

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IndigoVerge became an official partner of Schneider Electric

We are proud to announce that IndigoVerge is now a valued Associate Integration Partner with Schneider Electric. Being an official partner of the company allows us to resell and distribute their complete spectrum of hardware and software products.

To take advantage of the most affordable prices for such pro

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The latest project of our CTO, Pencho Popadiyn – conquering Matterhorn

We all find our jobs stressful at times, whether we are software engineers, marketing specialists or lawyers. And often, practicing something completely distanced from your daily chores is what helps to relax and fully recharge.

Our CTO Pencho did an ambitious step in this direction, getting passionate about mountain […]

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