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UPT Monitor is a cloud-based tool for monitoring the industrial heating processes. It allows easier quality control and traceability and reduces the time needed to identify problems on the production line. UPT Monitor is a product designed and developed by IndigoVerge in close cooperation with Ultraflex Power Technologies.

Recognized as an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company, Ultraflex Power Technologies (UPT) provides customer-focused solutions for induction heating, melting, and casting applications worldwide.

We designed and implemented a system that allows our clients to easily monitor and control the street lights. It consists of a hardware controller (power meter, powerline communication, GPRS), cloud back-end and web front-end.

The user can define schedules, exceptions and based on the location the exact time of sunrise and sunset are used to additionally optimize the power consumption. The gateways can operate with or without server, depending on the client needs.

1Box is a solution that provides an app store-like experience for IoT applications running on any Linux-based gateway. It has a web application store and a gateway client.

The app store contains different applications such as Thermostat, Differential thermostat, a Weekly schedule and others. You can build your own apps too.

Installed on your gateway, the 1Box client provides simple web configuration interface, where you can can see the installed applications and make the initial configuration.

HutGrip is a cloud based platform that helps equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their customers to predict and prevent production downtime caused by equipment failure.

Initially an internal project of IndigoVerge we have been involved in any aspect of HutGrip growth. From initial idea and positioning, through the system architecture, user experience, implementation, testing and integration.

Business wise, we defined the marketing strategy, financial models, presentations and integration of the platform for several clients.

TouchGFX is a unique software framework that boosts the graphical user interface (GUI) performance of low-resource hardware devices. Using TouchGFX, your embedded products can display outstanding graphics and smooth animations, with minimal resource and power consumption.

Our partnership with TouchGFX allows us to provide UX design and implementation services for embedded devices such as industrial touch panels, gateways, HMIs and others. By leveraging the excellent performance of TouchGFX and with the Internet of things concept, we enable our clients to build compelling, technologically advanced connected IoT solutions.

The Energy Efficiency Planner is a web-based financial modeling and simulation tool. It helps C-level managers to find the optimal investment strategy to achieve their energy efficiency targets. Being an IoT-based solution, EEP combines powermeters data with financial, resource planning and other data in order to provide real-time analytics and reports.

Using EEP, our clients always have complete and up-to-date information about the planned and measured performance of their equipment. Based on this estimation, if needed they can take actions to ensure the annual targets would be achieved.

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